Bite The Beast Until It Moves.

A Gadfly is a person who interferes with the status quo by posing novel, potentially upsetting questions, which are typically directed at government authorities, large corporations, and others in positions of power.

Socrates, one of history’s most famous gadflies, was known for constantly questioning fellow Athenian ethics, misconceptions, and assumptions. Plato describes Socrates’ characterization of Athens as a large, sluggish horse and of Socrates as the fly that bites and rouses it.

For far too long, our country’s small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs have been ignored, neglected, and silenced. This led to the monopolization of industries by law and regulation effectively transferring the work product of the small entities to the large.

Much like Socrates, InnovationGadfly exists to disrupt and confront corruption and the resulting unequal treatment favoring the large over the small that exists in America’s innovation economy. Through critical dialogue and logical reasoning, InnovationGadfly will question and bite Big Tech, the corporate lobby, the government, politicians, and others until small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs are heard, and their needs are addressed.

InnovationGadfly exists to be loud, drive change, and give the small guys a big voice. We will bite the beast until it moves.