Article Submission Guidelines

Innovation drives our nation’s success. For far too long, our country’s small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs have been neglected and silenced. Innovation Gadfly exists to be loud, enact change, and give the small guys a big voice.


We welcome guest contributions for publication on from those with experience in all areas of innovation. We are here to support small innovators, business owners, inventors, and more. We do not dictate topics or viewpoints to guest contributors, although we are happy to suggest topics or areas of interest if you would like us to. 

Topic proposals should be sent to to be proofread and edited.

If your topic proposal is approved, please make sure your finalized article meets the following requirements/rules prior to submitting it:

  • Please make sure your article is thoroughly copy-edited prior to submission.
  • Microsoft Word document format.
  • Be a minimum of 600 words and should generally not exceed 2,000 words in length. However, we prefer articles that are at least 800 to 1,000 words. 
  • Must not be commercial or solely promotional in nature. Commercial or promotional articles will not be considered.
  • Be original works. We publish articles that have not been previously posted to the Internet. 
  • Exclusivity and Copyrights. We require exclusivity when publishing online, but the author retains copyright. If publishing elsewhere, kindly publish only the first paragraph with a link to the full article on Please refrain from submitting your article to other publications without notifying us.
  • Footnotes and Endnotes are not accepted. Please have the citation included within the article as links to the referenced material.
  • Provide an author bio and professional headshot if possible. Include your company or firm name and the website URL you would like us to link your profile to. We can also include any social links if you choose.  
  • Revisions. Revisions will be made at the discretion of the editor and will be tracked on the Word document. Once the article is published, only minor adjustments can be made. No major revisions will be made.
  • Please allow at least several days to review and consider an article for publication. Please do not shop your article around after sending it to us and without telling us. InnovationGadfly cannot guarantee publication of any article, even if the topic has been previously approved. We also cannot guarantee publication within a certain timeline.