Shut Up! Denied Right to Defend Your Rights

Inventors naturally solve problems that others have not. Tom Waugh had a successful business in Alabama, providing fittings and parts for utility poles and electrical systems. Utility poles must be strong and durable, especially tall ones with many lines. The metal utility poles that existed before Tom got involved required taking large sheets of metal […]

Apple Goes To Amazing Lengths To Destroy Inventors

It used to be that a biometric sensor wouldn’t work on a moving body. A heart sensor would only work on a motionless person, like a patient in a coma. The solution that solved this problem was invented and patented by Dr. Steven LeBeouf. Dr. LeBeouf, who has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (no small […]

Multi-Billion-Dollar, Life-saving Inventor Invalidated

Not that long ago, replacing a heart valve required a complicated surgery. You had to have your chest opened, and your heart stopped. You had to be in pretty good shape to be allowed to receive this surgery, and even so, approximately 20% of the recipients died from the surgery. Things are quite different now […]

US Inventor Sues USPTO to Ensure Patents Reflect the Law 

As an inventor I can’t tell you how many times I have been told by lawyers that “inventors just don’t understand patent law”. That we should not get involved. Gosh, isn’t it strange that millions of patents have been granted in the US? That is, millions of inventors just “don’t get it” and should stick […]

The Frivolous Patent Litigation False Narrative

What is frivolous litigation? According to Cornell Law School, a frivolous lawsuit is one that lacks any arguable basis either in law or in fact and may be intended to harass, delay, or embarrass the opposition. This definition seems pretty black and white, but attorneys often disagree on what is an arguable basis in law […]